I was born in Colombia and when I was 6 years old, I embarked myself in the world of South Korean Martial Arts (Taekwondo and Hapkido), where I learnt the most important principles of my life; discipline, coaching, and self-improvement. I competed at professional level for several years and started coaching children and adults since I was 18, all while I studied my BSc in International Business.  

My sport career stopped after a tragic sport accident in 2008 that changed my life forever. After 2 years of feeling lost and hopeless, I decided to find myself again in the UK with my business career. As many immigrants in the UK, I started working in informal jobs to pay my rent and my MSc in Management which I completed with the highest honours. 

Thanks to receiving coaching and mentoring at the right time on transferable skills, I could exploit the potential gained in informal and part-time jobs and entered the exciting world of the Aviation Industry. Today, I work for one of the world’s leading company of aviation personnel, where I have grown from an apprentice to nowadays being appointed as Director of Business Development & Strategy in 6 years.

I have built substantial knowledge in Business Development with an estimated of £20m in revenue with successful contracts in the 5 continents, International Negotiation & Project Management in more than 50 countries, Recruiting of +500 positions for worldwide clients, and international Coaching & Mentoring of local and international staff.

Outside work, I am a Performance & Career Coach,  training professionals from different industries, backgrounds and senior levels to achieve their highest performance in their careers and/or businesses. I am a Mentor of numerous post-graduate students mainly from Latin America and the UK and act as Keynote Speaker in conferences/workshops/trainings for consulates, universities and charities, where I support on a voluntary basis on topics such as High Performance, Personal Branding, Professional Development, Strategic Communication, Recruiting, International Negotiation and Fitness.