Education & Certifications

  • Master’s degree (MSc) in Management with Core Management Stream from BPP University in London 
  • Bachelor’s degree (BSc) in International Business from University of Medellin in Colombia 
  • Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Leadership & Management from The Chartered Management Institute in London 
  • 1st DAN – Black Belt in Taekwondo from the World Taekwondo Federation & Kukkiwon in South Korea. 
  • 1st DAN – Black Belt IN Hapkido from the Joong Do Ryu World Hapkido Federation in Soutk Korea and the USA. 

My breakthrough

For 4 years after I arrived in the UK, I worked in informal jobs as a cleaner within the cleaning industry, as most immigrants from Latin America with no language skills start their journeys. To save for my studies and pay my living costs, I used to clean toilets, buildings, industrial kitchens, houses, clubs, schools and offices. The biggest turning point in my career was thanks to key Coaches and Mentors in my life that enlightened my understanding of all the transferable, hard and soft skills I had gained during those 4 years when I thought I had learned very little. Once I discovered my potential, progressed from cleaning toilets to joining one of the world’s largest aviation companies within the exciting Aviation & Aerospace industry. Since 2014, I have grown from being an Apprentice to becoming the Senior Manager of Business Development & Strategy of a leading company in the UK and worldwide. 

Performance Coaching

I am a former high-performance Martial Arts Athlete and worldwide Certified Martial Arts Instructor with nearly 2 decades of proven training experience of numerous people and athletes at all levels, and with 7 years as a Specialised Recruiter & Career Coach of numerous professional practitioners in multiple sectors. I have designed a top-class tailored High-Performance Training that combines the best of my knowledge and experience to improve people’s strategies to achieve The Ideal Performance State, these can be applied to boost performance at Fitness, Personal & Professional levels.  

Career Coaching & Mentoring

I owe a lot in my life to Coaching & Mentoring, so, I decided in 2015 to pay back and committed myself to potentialise as many people’s careers as possible in my lifetime. At my company, I have been a Coach & Mentor for an international group of recruiters, managers and international representatives. Outside as a freelance Career Coach Business Mentor working with individuals and projects for recognised Universities and Charities in the UK and in Latin America. Having achieved numerous successful stories of career development of entry and medium level professionals, post-graduate students and executives all working within various industries such as Aviation & Aerospace, Banking & Finance, Charities & 3rd Sector, Education, Media & Entertainment, Sport & Fitness, Retail & Consumer, Healthcare and Business Services. 

Specialised Recruiting

Strong recruiting experience of +500 positions on behalf of the most recognised and biggest airlines in around 50 countries. Positions ranging from C-Level, specialised consultants, Senior management to operational positions like instructors, pilots, engineers, maintenance personnel and cabin crew, all qualified on the most commercialised aircraft by the biggest manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, ATR, Bombardier, Saab and Fokker. This experience has allowed me to immerse myself profoundly on all the details and key aspects of a recruitment process and its strategies, giving me the unique opportunity to access to valuable recruiting insights to coach my trainees to excel in their career expectations with a strong background in recruiting. 

International Negotiation & Business Development & Project Management

As Senior Manager of Business Development of a leading aviation company, I have successfully developed business and negotiated contracts with some of the biggest and most recognised airlines worldwide in more than 50 countries with an estimated value in turnover of £20m in a 6 years period.  Furthermore, I have managed clients’ projects as an Executive Account Manager in 4 continents. Some of the countries where I have experience: 

  • Europe: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom.  
  • Asia: Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam  
  • Africa: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Libya, Tunisia.  
  • América: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, El SalvadorHondurasMéxicoNicaragua, Perú, Venezuela. 

Public Speaking

  • Topics:Negotiation & Business Development, Personal Branding, Professional/Career Development, CV Elaboration, Interviews, Recruiting Insights, Strategic Communication, Sport and Fitness Performance in business among others.  
  • Activities:Conferences, Seminars, Talks, Training Sessions. 
  • Organizations:Companies, Universities, Charities, Gyms & Fitness centres. 
  • Countries: Colombia and the UK  

Martial Arts & Fitness​

Martial Arts have been paramount in my life for 25 yearsteaching me not only discipline, determination and competitiveness, but also strengthening me within via meditation and conscious breathing. I competed for several years at a professional level and as a Professional Instructor trained numerous people from all ages and professional backgrounds, acquiring strong people, interpersonal and body language reading skills. Nowadays, I am also a Fitness Advance Practitioner and advocate even more the importance of exercise as triggers of high professional performance, strong body language and personal brandTherefore, my coaching style and programs are complemented and influenced by the benefits of these lifestyles and strong experience. In Aviation, I train cadets wanting to become pilots and engineers in Cockpit Self-Defence and I participate in Marketing and Advertisement Campaigns for recognised gym chain.